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Conran on Eames Room

Conran on Eames Room

This was one of the easiest rooms to do as there is so much Eames material to draw from. The bedhead is a reproduction of the graphic images of their famous House of Cards, the sideboard and built in wardrobe reflects the pressed plywood panels in their storage system as do the bath tiles in the Eames bathroom.

Many more objects either designed by Eames such as his wonderful Lounge chair and ottoman in white leather and walnut. One of the most relaxing chairs ever made and his RAR rocking chair and the classic Aluminum group office chair and the charming little LTR wire frame occasional table are included in this special room and to demonstrate the Eames easy and humorous charm the Hang-It-All coat rack with coloured balls. We have used an Anglepoise Type 3 Lamp on the desk which I’m sure Eames would have been proud to have designed. It is a real Eames room in Shoreditch rather than California.

Room details:
Corner Room, 1st floor, 35 sqm,
bath & shower.

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