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A local’s guide to Shoreditch: Elementary

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A local’s guide to Shoreditch: Elementary

Kotaro Kanai – co-founder, Elementary


How do you like to start your day?

After a bit of exercise, I go to one of the local cafés to enjoy the morning calm vibe and read the Financial Times.


What does your morning look like?

I will usually check that everything is in place at the store; then go through the to do list, emails, orders with Athena, my partner.


Where do you like to go for lunch?

Rochelle Canteen, Leila’s, Lyle’s.. to name a few. We really feel lucky being in east London. But the best thing for me is to get some rye bread from Fabrique Bakery and some cheese and vegetables from Leila’s to eat at the shop.


What’s your favourite part of Shoreditch?

The little scattered streets around the area. Although there are lot of new developments now, there are still many spots and corners with a certain gritty feel.


What one place is a must-see/do for you?

The Maureen Paley gallery in Bethnal Green. Especially when I feel the need for a good creative boost.


Where would you go for a drink after work?

I don’t really drink, so usually head directly for dinner.


Where would you go for dinner?

When staying around after work, it’s either St. John or one of the Kebab shops in Dalston. Occasionally Poppy’s for fish and chips, or Burro e Salvia.


Anything later-night that you like…?

At times I might go to the Electric cinema.


Tell us your Shoreditch in 3 words

Energetic, messy and human