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Bastille Day 2017 at Tratra

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Bastille Day 2017 at Tratra

Mise-en-Bouche – Refuelling Revolutionaries since 1789!

On the day of the storming of the Bastille, the busy revolutionaries didn’t have time to stop for a proper meal, many even skipped lunch which really shows the magnitude of the day.  On the way to the Bastille, the angry mob were flagging and in need of a little sustenance.  Unfortunately for the hungry revolutionaries the first Pret a Manger was still 195 years in the future.  Instead they opted for a few little bites picked up from hostelries along the way, and being French they washed them down with a few glasses of wine.

That day was 14 July 1789: the Bastille was stormed and the mise-en-bouche was birthed.

Now the above may be fact or it may be fiction, it depends on which sources you read but one thing is for certain, the mise-en-bouche is still a very civilised way to begin an evening whether you are a revolutionary or not.  It is then apt that we celebrate this day at Tratra with the launch of our own mise-en-bouche.  That’s three little bites to eat and three small glasses of wine for £15.

A nice little way to begin your meal at Tratra or as a little pit stop on your way to a storming, the mise-en-bouche is available Tuesday to Saturday 6-8pm and on 14 July we’ll be doing two for one all evening.

Make a reservation – or just walk in.