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La Fête de l’Été – Tratra and the Grand Aïoli

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La Fête de l’Été – Tratra and the Grand Aïoli

Thursday 27 July – Le Grand Aïoli

‘A mad joyous circus’ – Richard Olney

It was the summers spent in Provence as a guest of the Peyraud family who ran (and continue to run) the legendary Domaine Tempier vineyard that made the greatest impression on the American food writer Richard Olney’s life.  He faithfully recorded the dishes and times he spent with the family in his most treasured book Lulu’s Provençal Table.  A touchstone for chefs like Alice Waters and Simon Hopkinson.

One of the dishes that had profound effect on Olney (and many others) is that most iconic of French dishes: Le Grand Aïoli.  The dish is a fairly simple one all told, it relies on using very good ingredients and there’s a bit of prep but ultimately the finished article is so much greater than the sum of its parts all brought together by the pungent garlic aïoli.

It is a dish to be shared, a dish for a great gathering of friends and family, a dish to be enjoyed with plenty of chilled rosé and a dish that you can enjoy this July at Tratra as we celebrate the start of the summer holidays with our own Fête de l’Été.

With the thought of good food, wine, pleasant surroundings and wonderful company in mind, we hope you will join us on Thursday 27 July.

Guests will be treated to a glass of wine and charcuterie on arrival, the grand aïoli being the main feast, as well as a selection of cheeses and a sharing style dessert. To reserve a space please book online, or email Rachel on Rachel.jolley@prescottandconran.com