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Fête de la Cueillette

Fête de la Cueillette

Wednesday 18 October: Champignons Sauvages

Forget about those tasteless things you find in the supermarket that pretend to be mushrooms – this will be a feast of proper fungi.

The world of wild mushrooms is a large one, and at this time of year the forests and the markets of France are abound with all sorts of weird and wonderful varieties in a whole host of shapes and sizes.

For a chef, the coming of the autumn mushroom season is always an exciting time. The first boxes of mushrooms that come through the kitchen door is one of the first signifiers that the seasons are changing. Richer foods, slower and longer cooking and big hearty flavours will soon be the order of the day.

The sheer variety of flavours and textures, from the nutty and meaty to the subtle and creamy makes mushrooms a hugely versatile accompaniment to a huge variety of meat and fish, but our dinner on Wednesday 18 October is all about putting wild mushrooms au centre de la table.

Stéphane Reynaud might be known for his love of all things piggy but he’s also a fungi fanatic and will be hosting the evening – regaling us with tales of foraging for wild mushrooms in the forests of Ardèche.

Tickets are priced at £75 and include a pre-dinner drink, canapés, dinner and all wines. Reception drinks from 7pm with dinner at 7.45pm. For more information and to book please email or call.