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St John
Lutyens wine cellar


A Blind Red Bordeaux Blend Paulée


Thursday 12 May 2016


6.30pm for the blind Paulée with dinner following at 7.45pm


Lutyens Restaurant, 85 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AE


£75 per person - includes a 3 months’ free Wine Lover subscription to the Wine Owners platform


As a one off special event, and something slightly different, the next Château Boundary event will take the form of a blind Paulée, followed by dinner. We’ve partnered up with Wine Owners to bring you this slightly unusual, one off wine tasting experience and –  if it’s a success? We’ll do it again!

What is a Paulée?

The first Paulée in Burgundy was an event formally organised in the mid-1920s by the Count Lafon. Traditionally, the winemakers would compete to bring the best bottle of wine to impress their favourite clients and enjoy this with a good meal. The name "La Paulée" comes from the French word for sauté pan, une poële.

In its earliest incarnations, the post-harvest meal was so simple that it was cooked in a single pot. We intend to do rather better thanks to our fantastic kitchen at Lutyens, with a menu chosen by Helen Nathan from Wine Owners.

What is a Blind Paulée?

A unique BYO tasting and dinner where you’ll taste blind around 30 red Bordeaux blends. It offers an unusual opportunity to test your palate and expand your knowledge.

How does it work?
  1. You select to bring along a magnum or 2 bottles of your favourite Bordeaux red blend, which can come from any part of the world. We ask that your wine be at the very least 10-15 years of age, a favourite of yours, and of excellent classified growth quality.
  2. You let us know in advance what you're bringing so we can organise the wines into tables of similar styles.
  3. You bring your bottle(s) wrapped in silver foil so that no one can see what it is (and don’t tell anyone what you're bringing!).
  4. Master of Wine, Marina Gayan, will group all the wines in advance of the tasting into profile categories, with a high-level palate profile on the night! (All will be explained once you're there!)
What will you get out of it?

You’ll confirm (or be challenged!) around the wine styles most suited to your palate without the influence of labels whilst perhaps expanding your repertoire and having fun with like-minded wine lovers. And, see if you can recognise your own wine, with prizes for those who can!

As part of the ticket price you’ll receive a 3 months’ free Wine Lover subscription to the Wine Owners platform, just enter promo code CHATEAU BOUNDARY, with the option of carrying on for free afterwards on the Enthusiast subscription. Santé!


Call Lutyens events office on 0207 583 8385 or email


We are busy planning a series of wine and food events to be held at Prescott & Conran restaurants in 2016 with further details announced in due course. In the meantime, please email us if you have any special requests or would like to arrange a bespoke or private wine tasting event.


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